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Email marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing still the number one marketing strategy in Sri Lanka out pass Social Media & SEO. it’s the cheapest and quickest approach to promote your company, products, services, or brand. In comparison to all other forms of advertising, emarketing the most cost-effective, fastest, and most efficient way to contact thousands of people in seconds.

Email Marketing in Sri Lanka
This image shows how Email Marketing works

Sending marketing emails to a list of subscribers via email is known as email marketing. These emails can be HTML templates, Image or just a text-only email. These emails provide instant publicity and help to generation of inquiries, internet traffic, leads, and even signups.

Quick tips for your eMarketing News letter
  • Marketing emails are all about expectations, so to get a better response to your emails always tries to give something with your newsletter. Highlight your contact details, place call to action button on your email. 
  • If you are a new product or a service first send an introductory email about your service, then marketing your product/service once a week. User attractive imagers with minimum text in the newsletter. 

Lanka E-Marketing Projects!

Visit us to browse our ongoing email marketing, social media & web designing projects.

Why Lanka E-Marketing

Our strength is 13+ years of success in business with trust & proven results. Harness the power of Social Media Advertising with SEO to increased brand awareness, sales & business growth
SPAM free delivery
SPAM free delivery
Our emails are delivered using top-rated mail servers. Our email bounce rate is guaranteed to be less than 1%, and our spam rate is guaranteed to be less than 5%. Spam testing is always available in our newsletters.
Tracking & Reporting
Tracking & Reporting
To monitor the performance of your email promotion, we provide delivery data that include the number of emails delivered, open rate, link clicks, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate.
Organize email database
Organize email database
We have a well-filtered email database of over 1.2 million people, and our address books are sorted by profession. To generate the most inquiries, we cover all types of sectors and designations levels in our database. Both our student and professional databases are kept separate.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Email marketing, Social Media marketing & SEO is the key of our sucess. To get the most inquiries to our consumers we use the right combination strategy. If a promotion yields poor results, we always offer a solution.