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SMS Marketing Company in Sri Lanka

Lanka E Marketing is one of the leading SMS Marketing Company is Sri Lanka. We have well experience with conducting more than 50 SMS marketing campaigns for the moment.

Modern World is based on Mobile Technology. The Mobile phone has become a leading device and mobile advertising is the latest trend of the world.

Most of the developed countries already using this mobile advertising successfully, so we at Lanka E-Marketing, the leading eMarketer in Sri Lanka pleased to introduce you this latest advertising technology in way that suits to Sri Lankan market as well as to your budget.

Our database is consist of more than 150,0000+ well filtered & segmented local mobile numbers covering all major service providers such as Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat & Airtel. These up?to?date mobile contacts target all groups and sectors in all aspects.

All these mobile contacts are segmented according to Area, Town and Industry. For a quick example to give you an idea, we have nearly 550, 000 mobile contacts within Colombo and suburb.

Apart from sending SMS marketing campaigns to our database, we can cater to send SMS to your very own database. You can use our service to send SMS messages to your Customers, Staff Members or even Students in your education institution at a very nominal cost.

Features of our SMS Marketing Campaigns:

  • Advertise to a chosen area in Sri Lanka
  • Sending SMS to all leading service provides (Dialog, Mobitel, etc)
  • Almost 1.5 million of mobile customer database
  • Delivery Reports on completion of the SMS Campaign
  • Customers will receive the message as a proper SMS not like miss call alerts
  • Send SMS under your company name
  • Send SMS message up to 160 characters
  • FREE SMS messages to your very own mobile contacts (maximum 500 only)
  • Test run before confirming the job

We are guaranteed are the lowest & highly accurate SMS advertising rate provider in the country.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Customer will agree and adhere to below payment terms and conditions by paying this invoice. Our Payment Terms & Conditions are already mentioned in our website & proposals.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • All E-mail, Facebook & SMS marketing campaign payments are NOT REFUNDABLE at any circumstances
  • All promotions will be initiate ONLY upon receiving the payment to our bank account and verification
  • Customer has to inform LEM once the payment is made along with the payment transaction details/receipts
  • If the promotion is done thru an “Advertisement Agency” or a “Third Party Contact”, LEM will issue the invoices as per the terms of the agency or the third party in line with their rates and commissions. Lanka E-Marketing will NOT be responsible for any additional charges claim by the by the agency or third party agent other than our stranded prices published on our website/ proposals

SMS Marketing:

  • NO REFUND will be given to customer if there is any remaining balance quota at the end of the SMS promotion thus the customer may utilize the same balance SMS quota within 3 month’s time from the original invoice date for further promotions
  • LEM will send SMS to relevant District ONLY as request/agreed by customer hence NO guarantee will be given sending SMS to targeting a particular “Town or City” within that District
  • Based on the total phone number connections available in our SMS database for the selected District(s) and the Number of SMS’s request to send by the customer, some Towns/Areas or Cities may NOT cover or LESS cover
  • Your respond will totally depends based on number of sms you are sending and actual phone number base within the district. To get a proper respond we advise you to cover at least 40 present or more numbers with in that particular district.
  • Guaranteed 80% - 90% of delivery rate of SMS promotion during normal off peak time periods. But the delivery rate may go-down during peak time. For an example if you send your SMS promotion at last-minute on high traffic conditions such as during any SMS related competition or Election period, the un-deliverable rate may go high and the delivery rate may drop-down to 70% or less which LEM will NOT be responsible
  • LEM will refund money for undelivered sms if delivery rate goes less than 80%, we refund money ONLY TO those less than 80% count only
  • We deliver delivery report and details number base report to verify the campaign with in one to two week from the promotion(Based on customer request). Number base report come with phone number (last 3 digits are hidden), status of the message delivery and other details. Customer can request any random number set (1 to 25 numbers) from our report and we will issue full number of them do further verification. We are strongly advice our customers to made this request within 3 days’ time after delivering the reports. We are not responsible for any late request one week after our reports.
  • Our sms base can have some numbers outside the District and message can deliver to those outside numbers too. On a sms promotion this can be happen and we point out those details clearly in our web site to give better understanding to our clients.

We kindly request all our customers to read and understand above “Payment Terms & Conditions” before confirming the promotion(s).

Once the customer confirm the job and make payments towards LEM means that the customer have accepted LEM “Payment Terms & Conditions” and will not be questioned or request for refunds at any cost or circumstances later.

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