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FAQ'S - What you want to know about Lanka eMarketing?

What type of a company you are?

We are a young dynamic e-marketing company in Sri Lanka. Our well experience developers are ready to provide e-marketing solutions to make your company popular all over the world.

What type of solutions you provide?

We provide

  • Email news letter programs
  • E-Classifieds
  • Web Advertising
  • Web site designing
  • Ecommerce applications development
  • Search Engine optimization for Sri Lankan clients
  • Brochure & Logo designing
  • Flash animations & e-busies card development.

Do you have overseas experience and a client base?

Yes we are well established in foreign market, if you go through our web designing and email marketing profiling you can find out 95% of our client base is in UK, US & Australia  

How our news letter program is different form other news letter marketing programs in Sri Lanka?

We are an e-Marketing company and our solutions expertises are over 6 years. During this period we did email marketing campaigns and e-classified campaigns for well established foreign clients.

We cater clients mainly in UK, US & Australia with huge list of emails. Most of foreign people not only use Outlook, they have mail clients (email addressee) with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL not only that some of our clients have Apple Mac, IPode & Black berry mails accounts so we develop our email news letters according to world standard where all these email clients can view.

Email news letter marketing is new but widely used in Sri Lanka, for the moment most of the people do this as an earning method for there companies but most of those existing Sri Lankan newsletter programs are out of date and most of those emails cannot be properly viewed in world recognized email clients, not only that 90% of those emails are listed as spam emails so there is a high possibility  your paid email news letter is not reach the audient properly.

Our development standards and methodology is well enough to overcome all these issues. That is why we have this much of overseas clients with us for a long period.

Do you have Sri Lankan email address? How accurate those are?

We have over 20,000 Sri Lankan email address and 90% of those email address are accurate and owns by well established businessmen’s and professionals in Sri Lanka, Our marketing team works daily these listing and collecting accurate emails.

Do you have foreign emails?

Yes we have foreign email address and that list more than 20,000. Before we move to Sri Lankan customers we get our professionalism and experience by catering foreign clients. View our eMarketing portfolio for further details.

Why should we consider you for our web design needs?

We have the resources to produce anything from a single page informative to comprehensive bespoke packages and functionality. We are happy to work with clients of all sizes and requirements.

Do you develop ecommerce solutions (Shopping carts & CMS)?

Yes, our main experience and strength is developing ecommerce base applications. We are proud to say 90% of our web site designing are CMS (Content Manages) based ecommerce applications. All of these sites target different ecommerce base solutions with different audients. So we have enough knowledge to give proper ecommerce base solution for Sri Lankan customers.

What type of Payment Gateway you have experience?

We are proud to spayed we handed opportunity and experience to work with the major banks and payment systems in abroad and Sri Lanka.

Our experience payment systems in Sri Lanka

  • HSBC payment gateway
  • Sampath bank payment gateway
  • Seylan bank payment gateway

Our experience payment systems in Worldwide

  • Paypal
  • Protx
  • 2Checkout
  • Word pay
  • Paypoint

What are your prices like?

We believe that are prices are more economical & affordable than our competitors for the standard of work that we offer.

How long can I expect my site to take to build?

This depends entirely on the size and complexity of the site and how clear you are in knowing your own requirements. A discussion of your requirements and time scales will give us the opportunity to offer an estimate of time.

I am in a hurry can you help?

We will do our best to help in wherever possible ways, however we advise you that it is poor practice to rush your own web-site.

What are your payment terms?

We offer a choice of 30% deposit on instruction and the balance on completion or in many cases we can arrange lease finance.


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