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eMarketing strategies for customers

Lanka E Marketing always guides customers to follow accurate eMarketing strategies when they develop / design there own news letters. Accurate eMarketing strategies will always help full to get the spot on inbox delivery with high opening & response rates.

Please follow following guide lines much as you can before start your eMarketing campaigns.

Think about your Subject Lines

Increase Your Email Open Rate By Improving Your Subject Lines

The subject line of your email is usually the most important part of getting your readers to actually read your email. If you have a compelling subject line the chance of your email improves dramatically.

According to a recent survey, 40% of email marketers said testing changes to just their subject line had a high impact on their return on investment (ROI). 45% said subject line changes accounted for a medium ROI and only 15% said that testing changes to their subject line results in a low ROI.

  • Take a look at email campaigns you've sent in the past. Which subject lines worked the best and gave you the highest open and conversion rates?
  • Try and put as much important and relevant information into your subject lines as possible. For example, if you're sending out an email about a special offer make sure the product name and details on the offer appear in the subject line in a clear and concise format
  • Avoid spam keywords Words such as " Free, Fantastic deal, Stock, Opportunity, Guarantee, Cash bonus, Cheap, Credit, Financial, Home, Affordable, Homebased, Incredible, Increase, Information, Online, Order Now, Check, Dear, Click, Special, Special, Urgent, Mortgage, Save, Profits, Message to, Hotel etc " all trigger spam detection software so keep them out of your subject lines at all times. Including these work in html news letters also can ditected as spam.
  • If you're making a special offer to your contact then be upfront and include it as part of your subject line. People love bargains and special offers so let them know about it before anything else
  • Easy identification - Make sure your contacts know the email is coming from you. Deceptive subject lines can confuse people so always try and including your company name in the subject line. Also, make sure you set the "From" attribute of your name and your companies name
  • Exclaim nothing - Avoid using excessive punctuation at the end of your subject lines. Google bans punctuation from AdWords ad's for a reason – too much hype can annoy and confuse people

Think twice before you design your Art work / HTML News letter.

Include your company / business / website site's branding

Your reader probably subscribes to many other newsletters besides yours so make it clear from the outset who is sending this one.
Include your company / business / website site's branding - use your logo, use your site colours, use familiar graphical elements and write in the style your users would associate with you.

Ensure that your reader will know immediately who your newsletter is from before they even start reading.

Keep the design minimal

You are sending your subscribers a newsletter - not a full blown webpage! By all means use HTML (always offer a text only alternative), but keep design elements simple.

Ensure you break up chunks of text with titles and sub headings, and include small graphical elements to keep the newsletter easy on the eye.

The easier your newsletter looks to read, the more likely it will be!

Put most importent parts at the top of the news letter, don't allow readers to go through full news letter to identify your message.

Include links to your site

When talking about specific features or areas of your site, include links for the reader to click! Remember, web users are lazy – if you don’t provide a link for them it is unlikely they will take a look at what you are telling them about!

Keep advertising to a minimum

Your subscribers want to know about you and your business – they didn't want to be bombarded with nothing more than ads.

It's OK to include one or two subtle ads but ensure they are not distracting, and are not the basis of your newsletter's content.

Keep it consistent

Once you have decided on a general newsletter design, stick with it. Your readers will get used to your newsletter's template - it will become familiar to them and ensure they are sure the newsletter is from your site.

By all means, tweak the newsletter and address any problem areas but try to stick with the same overall design. Store it as a template and use it for future mailings.

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Choose the Right Format for Your Newsletter

The most common newsletter formats are HTML, plain text, and Image / PDF. Depending on the topic of your newsletter and the group of your targeted readers, you should choose the right format.

When you want to design a newsletter, it's essential that you decide on the right format for it.

HTML format that is becoming more and more popular. There are some advantages and disadvantages for it.

HTML is a good format because it is more professional than plain text and easier to create than Image / PDF. If you want to publish your newsletter about a topic that needs to include pictures and graphics, then HTML is your best option.

Don't Use Too Much Graphic

The most important part of your newsletter is the valuable content that you provide in it, not your newsletter graphic design. Your content is THE only reason people read your newsletter, right?

So even though it's good to create a nice design by using professional graphics, it's still important that they don't distract your readers' attention from the content.

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