Arrival Experience includes:

  • you will be meet by a Concierge Agent from the aircraft gate
  • Assistance provided for any visas or landing card requirements
  • Expedited through immigration and customs process (where relevant)
  • Baggage porter can be pre-arrange if required and to collect and transfer out to your final method of transport

Departure Experience includes:

  • Met by a Concierge Agent on arrival at the airport (liaise with chauffeur or other mode of transport)
  • Pre-booked porters , if required, to collect luggage and transfer to check-in
  • Escort to check in and assist
  • Expedited through all check-in and security processes where available
  • Escort to departure lounge /VIP lounge if available and to the aircraft gate when ready to board

Connecting / Transit VIP services:

  • Meet at the arriving aircraft (or as close and possible if the aircraft is on a remote stand and passengers are coached to the terminal)
  • If luggage is checked through, escort through the flight connections security point and to airline desks if required. Escort to VIP lounge if applicable and final boarding gate
  • If luggage is not checked through, take through immigration to baggage reclaim and then use surface transport/walkways to connecting terminals for re-checking of passenger
  • Take to the VIP lounge if they have booking (time permitting) and then escort to aircraft of the connecting flight.

Frequently ask questions

How do I book?

  • You can book online at or phone our 24 hours call centre on +44 (0) 208 745 6011

Can I book on the day?

  • Yes, up to 3 hours prior to requested service through our 24 hour call centre on +44 (0) 208 745 6011

Where do I meet our agent?

  • For arrivals & transfers an agent will greet you at the top of the arrival air bridge once they have disembarked the plane
  • For departures; an agent will greet you at an agreed place in the car park, from the train or bus station or, if you are dropped off by car, on the forecourt

How will I be able to identify our agent?

  • Our agents are smartly dressed in a grey Heathrow suit with purple ties and scarves. Each agent will also be holding an i-pad clearly displaying your name. If you are happy to provide your contact details we can arrange for our agent to call as you approach to arrange a specific meeting point

What should I do if we are unable to identify our agent?

  • Call our helpful reservations team on +44 (0) 208 745 6011 who will be able to contact your guide and advise them of your location

What do you charge for the service?

  • Our prices start from £100 for 1-2 passengers with special rates for larger groups

Do you take group bookings?

  • We can accommodate parties of any size, however, for groups larger than 6 people please call for prices and booking

Can I request someone that speaks my language?

  • Where possible, we will endeavour to accommodate specific language requests

Is Fast Track included?

  • Currently, only if your ticket criteria allows for this

Is Personal Shopper included?

  • This can be arranged upon request

Do you assist with VAT reclaim and/or carnet services?

  • Our fully trained staff can assist you with all airport formalities from kerbside to aircraft door and vice versa including VAT reclaim and carnet services

Do I have access to an executive lounge?

  • This is not included as standard. If your airline ticket does not authorise access our agents can escort you to the nearest bookable lounge (if available, as this is Terminal dependant)

Can I book a buggy as well?

  • Please check with our call centre as this option is Terminal specific

Can you provide us with a local sim card when we land?

  • This can be arranged upon request at an additional charge

Are tips expected?

  • Our agents are not authorised to accept gifts or gratuities and nor is it expected

24/7 Control Room +44 (0) 1753 684 100

24/7 Reservation Center +44 (0) 208 745 6011

Recruitment +44 (0) 1753 681 391